Thalassa Blue

The Spirit of the Sea

The connection between the people who lived in Greece and the sea goes back thousands of years. Long before the Greek Gods defeated the Titans and took their place on the peaks of Olympus.

Thalassa” was the name Ancient Greeks gave to the “Spirit of the Sea.” For them, the mesmerizing blue of the Aegean held a divine essence, personified in a lady-like figure. Thalassa survives to this day as the Greek word for sea. If you pay attention, you can still hear her whisper to you while you marvel at the azure skies and blue rooftops of the whitewashed Aegean houses.

Still untamed and mysterious, she is seducing you into one more journey…

Thalassa Blue is the crossroad where your passion for travel meets your desire to explore local communities & support socially responsible tourism.

Our Inspiration

As travel service sites have multiplied throughout the years, discerning travelers understood that, while the web can be the ideal place to gather information, it takes a personal touch or a local connection to reach the hidden gems and discover local experiences.

And, Thalassa Blue’s customers have come to depend on our holistic approach: a unique understanding of our customer’s needs, a dash of imagination and a logistics purview to complement a range of unparalleled experiences that we never stop crafting.

Our Connections

Our exclusive travel network brings bespoke luxury services into our “black book,” which we use when we craft our bespoke Greek experiences. All of our destinations, exclusive accommodations and adventures are hand-picked by the owner, Spiro Pappas. Throughout the year, Spiro travels all over Greece in search of local businesses and service providers, passionate about their homeland.

With their invaluable support, we create tailor-made experiences that go way beyond what your average travel agency would offer. Our goal is to help you discover the real vibe of Greece.

Our Philosophy

Thalassa Blue is much more than a travel agency. Not only do we plan your itinerary, but we craft one of a kind local experiences for small groups of discerning travelers and travel aficionados. Our holistic approach to travel means that we can design a unique adventure, adapted to your needs.

Our core philosophy is based on socially responsible travel. That’s why we only work with locals and collaborate with them to promote the natural beauty of Greece. We want your journey to Greece to be full of adventure and discovery, while we take care of the logistics. Tell us about your ideal trip to Greece, and we’ll make it happen!

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Let us guide you

through Greece’s shades of blue. Let us craft the perfect travel story for you. Would you join us?

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